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Los Santos in space

They surfed the waves of Hawaii and the Río Grande, they crossed the Pacific Ocean and the Prairie, they sang of the West and the wild lands south of the border. No range, no river, no ravine could stop them.

Now our planet has become too small and the time has come to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations. Many lightyears from Texas Los Santos encounter music no man has heard before: surf from Saturn, twangy guitars from Titan, accordions from Aldebaran and rhythms from Regulus no human has ever boogied to.

Country, surf and Tex-Mex from outer space now add to Los Santos' soundscapes.

Band members

Stefan Hiss - vocals, accordion, organ
Bernd Öhlenschläger - drums
Joscha Brettschneider - electric guitars

As guest
Lucia Schlör - vocals


Los Santos info
"LOS SANTOS in space" info, PDF, 33 kB
Promo pic LOS SANTOS in space
Promo pic 1
JPG, 5.4 MB, 2492x1661 px
Photo: Jessi James
CD-Cover Space Rangers Pressebild 2
JPG, 634 kB, 1574x1025 px
Photo: Nina Rustenbach
CD-Cover Space Rangers CD-Cover "Space Rangers"
JPG, 2.5 MB, 1800x1800 px
CD-Cover Surfing on the Rio Grande CD-Cover "Surfing on the Río Grande"
JPG, 2.5 MB, 1684x1490 px
CD-Cover Blue in Hawaii CD-Cover "Blue in Hawaii"
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Poster Surfing on the Rio Grande Poster "LOS SANTOS in space"
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Logo Los Santos
Logo Los Santos yellow
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Logo Los Santos
Logo Los Santos brown
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